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How To Discourage Theft When Traveling


To make travel more enjoyable and less stressful
(owing to how often things go wrong) it is often a good idea to re-iterate a few simple rules that can help prevent disaster. Often problems encountered during travel leave a bitter taste in the mouth and leave you with an undeserved dislike of the destination and its people. Usually, traveling safely just requires basic common sense. As it often happens, we think we personally do not require it because someone else is responsible for these mistakes!

People often neglect to trust their instincts
in a situation which takes them into trouble, and scammers actually rely on your innate sense of trust and a relaxed attitude when on vacation. So, prior to meeting these folks make it easy on yourself.

Take just what you require for your day trip out and nothing more; the rest (extra credit cards, cash) should stay in your hotel safe or another designated holding area. Especially protect cash and try not to have much available at one time.

If traveling as a couple you should each use a separate credit card in case one is stolen. Another simple trick to stop a bag thief is to place the strap over the head and across the chest; a robber looking for an easy grab will likely move on. Try to be aware of how you present yourself when you stroll around; don’t present yourself as an easy target for the snatch thieves on the back of bikes. Criminals love tourists as they are usually considered easy prey and we tourists underestimate how determined criminals are.

If you carry a bag of any kind , get a combination lock or padlock; it will be well worth it as it will deter the majority of bag snatchers who are looking for fast easy scores. A word of warning to those men that always have their wallet in a back pocket ; don’t. It is the first place any thief will look and it is an easy target for them.

The majority of problems could be avoided if people didn’t let their guard down , which is common on vacation; if you can remember to travel safely, it won’t decrease your pleasure but could prevent a lot of problems.

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