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They’re My Toes and I’ll Dip Where I Want To,…


It is so relaxing to dream of balmy ocean salt water and warm sand squooshing through your toes. I have lapsed into a tropical-craving-state more than once as I have been scraping ice off my car’s windshield with the heel of my shoe ( I need more adult supervision). And sometimes dreaming of a seven to ten day vacation doesn’t cut it; I have been ready to pull up stakes, sell the farm, blow this popsicle shack. But what next? The Mediterranean? I don’t do Euros or scary man-thongs. Florida or Texas? They put insects on a leash they’re so big.

Which left me with the California coast. Thousands of people relocate to California each year, and hundreds of thousands worldwide vacation there, from San Francisco to San Diego. Each area is unique and I could see myself setting up my life in any number of west coast places, no problem.

And it’s not all about the coast. My friend in San Jose informed me Northern California is nothing like Southern California, which is nothing like Sacramento, which is not anything like Lake Tahoe, yadayada. I looked and he was certainly correct, but I was still craving a warm coastal climate, which is in abundance in California.

What I found on further investigation however, is also the abundance of housing costs. Combining monthly mortgage and property taxes would be waaaayyyy up there. A lot of people slam California for its mudslides and earthquakes. Their complaints may be a way to avoid admitting they can’t afford Golden State living.

Why does anyone crave the California scene in particular? If you have ever been, you know that besides glitz there are amazing places like Big Sur, Bear Valley, and Mendocino. No relationship to smoggy L.A., just incomparable wild beauty. However, most people do end up visiting Hollywood. And why not? There’s a pretty good chance of seeing an arrest of any number of young celebs. Soon you’ll be able to google Paris, Nicole, and Lindsay through the Department Of Corrections.

Many months later and after researching my options, I have decided to only visit the California coast. Sure, like many others, I would love to live on the beautiful Pacific coastline, but visits will have to do. I simply can’t spend my future childrens’ college educations on an $800,000 mortgage. I’ll have to soak my toes in warm bath water instead. OK, maybe the warm water of an occasional spa (what am I, a loser?).


K. Petit

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