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Is That A Fin Or Are You Happy To See Me?


Have you ever noticed how many people choose tropical destinations for their choice of a vacation spot? I sure have. Ask someone where they want to go for a summer vacation and chances are they’ll say "The Caribbean or Hawaii or some tropical destination." It’s a given. So I get it already. People like the beach and sunny weather. They always ramble on about deep sea diving, bathing in the sun, or watching the sun set over the ocean. Well, if this is something you absolutely have to do in your life, then I recommend that you go prepared. That means a lot of sunscreen, some high-tech diving equipment, and an awesome swimsuit.

My sweetie keeps telling me that she wants to go diving
in some far off tropical island. Well that’s just great. First of all, we don’t have any diving equipment. And second of all I’m terrified. Didn’t anyone watch that flick "Open Water"? I believe that movie pretty much said it all. The couple went out with a group of people to try deep sea diving. Yeah, I’m talking in the middle of nowhere. That’s always a dismal start.

Anyway , although they had quality diving equipment and a tour guide, they came up from below the water and realized that everyone else had left. What is with that? If I lived, I would definitely sue.

Unfortunately neither of them made it. Their new-age diving equipment did not save them in the least. Once the husband was eaten by sharks, the wife drowned herself. It was quite the uplifting story. Anyway, they should have had more advanced diving equipment. If I’m going out there in the middle of nowhere, I need diving equipment that converts into a submarine or something. I want that oxygen tank to transform into a jet-pack. I mean come on!

So, you no longer have any desire to venture off to some tropical spot
and go deep sea diving, right? Okay, so maybe the movie didn’t sway you. I should remind you that it is based on true events. Regardless, I know some folks are dying to go scuba diving. Get it, dying?

Anyway, be sure you purchase quality diving equipment if you’re doing it on your own. And if you’re taking on of those diving tours like in the movie, make sure you’re loud and obnoxious so everyone remembers you. This way they won’t leave you behind.

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