Women’s Transformational Retreats That Will Change Your Life

December 6, 2018
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Of all the things that have transformed my life in a truly holistic way, working with and getting to know Brandilyn Tebo has been one of my absolute favorites.

Brandilyn is a woman of many talents and ambitions; notably, she’s an author, a transformational coach, a retreat host, and a speaker. She helps people, through many methods, understand what they truly desire in life, and then helps them create an extraordinary life in that image.

Additionally, Brandilyn is a great friend of both mine and Scott’s, and being able to watch her continuously help people tap into their authentic selves on an ongoing basis is nothing short of a privilege. No matter what life questions you have, Brandilyn will help you work through them without judgment; she’s just awesome!

With her newest immersive experience, The YES Event, coming up, I wanted to share a little about Brandilyn and why you…

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