Top 12 Vegan-Friendly Travel Destinations

November 5, 2018
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Trying to adhere to a restrictive diet while traveling can be difficult, and may even deter vegans and vegetarians from certain destinations that typically have a meat- and seafood-heavy cuisine (we’re looking at you Japan).

While you may have a hard time getting by in places like Germany and France that often include meat and dairy in every meal, vegans will have no problem eating delicious, flavorful food in these top 12 vegan-friendly travel destinations!


Top 12 Vegan-Friendly Travel Destinations



You may be as shocked as I was to discover Scotland was a vegan diamond in the rough, considering neighboring Ireland and nearby nordic countries are known for their meat-forward cuisine.

However, the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow in particular offer vegan options from mile-high nachos and standard pub food to mouthwatering gelato-topped waffles (found at Affogato in Edinburgh). Vegans traveling though this gorgeous green country…

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