The Best Time to Visit Norway (Depending On What You Want To See)

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The best time to visit Norway completely depends on what you want to see. While the country is beautiful year round, your experience will differ greatly depending on the region, the activities, and the month.

Norway is a long, large country and is diverse in weather and tourism hotspots. Summer in Norway brings with it long days, great weather, lively scenes, and inevitably, higher prices. November through January tends to bring very intense snowy conditions and limited sun — conditions that some travelers will find harsh. Meanwhile, spring and fall are great for lower costs on accommodation, but it’s important to double check if your preferred activities will be doable, as many of them are seasonal.

See below to learn about the best seasons to see Norway’s most popular sites!


The Best Time to Visit Norway (Depending On What You Want To See)


Visiting Norway in the…

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