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The Best Smart Home Products to Protect Your Home While Traveling


Protecting your home by using smart home products should always be top of mind before you leave on a trip. Not only do smart products keep your home safe from potential theft and damage, but they will also allow you to control your lights, see who rings your doorbell while you’re away, control your house climate, and so much more. We’ve partnered with Batteries Plus Bulbs to give you the best smart home products to protect your home!

Thanks to the wide array of smart home products offered in-store and online, at  Batteries Plus Bulbs, I’ve been able to easily keep an eye on my home when I’m traveling, no matter where in the world I go. Plus, I find using their products an excellent way to keep my house energy-efficient. I can control each of my appliances just by using my smartphone!

These smart home products will protect your…

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