How to Be a More Responsible & Eco-Friendly Traveler

February 21, 2019
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From fuel, to plastic use, to local conservation, taking a trip is guaranteed to have some sort of an environmental impact — one that can vary depending on the trip and our habits. Of course this doesn’t mean that we should all stop traveling, but rather to make better choices as we do.

Becoming a more responsible and environmentally-friendly traveler means making small changes and decisions that positively impact the earth. Here are some super easy things we can all do to make ourselves more eco-friendly travelers.


How to Be a More Responsible & Eco-Friendly Traveler


Seek Out Eco-Friendly Accommodation

Did you know that there are environmental seals of approval for hotels all over the world? In the US, this is called LEEDS Approval, whereas in other areas of the world there are programs such as the Green Tourism (UK, and some parts of Canada and Italy),…

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