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Havasu Falls Camping Guide: Everything You Need To Know


This must-read Havasu Falls camping guide covers everything you need to know – including Havasupai permits, camping fees, what to bring and more!

Camping at Havasu Falls is a magical experience. Located on the Havasupai Indian Reservation about 4 hours from Grand Canyon Village, the blue-green Havasu Falls (and the hike to get there) is an awe-inspiring experience that is a must-see for any avid hiker. The falls are ethereal against the dusty red of the canyon, and the views are stunning!

However, the beauty of the area attracts thousands of visitors each year and reservations fill up fast as a result. There is no way to visit Havasu Falls without a reservation, as day hiking is not allowed, and so the only way to see the area is to book a camping spot.


Havasu Falls Camping Guide: Permits, Fees, Packing Tips & More


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