Best Virtual Mailbox Service For Travelers & Digital Nomads

August 23, 2019
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Virtual Mailboxes: How to Receive Mail while Traveling Digital Nomads

How do long-term travelers and digital nomads receive mail or packages while traveling? I use a virtual mailbox service that allows me to scan and forward my mail internationally.

I’ve been working as a digital nomad for the past 9 years, basing myself in multiple countries or simply living out of my backpack while traveling.

Currently, I’m living as an expat in Italy.

Yet I have a virtual mailbox with a physical address in San Antonio, Texas.

Using this service, any incoming mail or packages is photographed, which I can then view through an online dashboard.

From there, I can decide to scan the contents (letters), forward the mail/packages somewhere else, or have it shredded/recycled. I can even deposit checks.

My virtual mailbox service is incredibly helpful for running my online…

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