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Best Travel Tripod 2019 (Detailed Buying Guide)


These top travel tripods will improve your photography by allowing you to be in your photos, take more creative shots, and have increased camera stability.

Whether you’re a professional or hobby photographer, including a trusted travel tripod in your camera kit is a must. A great travel tripod is not only a necessity for low-light and night time shots, but it’s also a great tool for taking selfies, long-exposures, and panoramas.

In choosing the best travel tripod, take into account your travel style, what you’ll be primarily using the tripod for, and how much room you’re willing to give up in your luggage. The kind of tripod you need is a personal thing, so I recommend making a list of the top qualities you’re looking for in one as a starting point.

To help guide you in your purchase, we’ve compiled the best travel tripods on the market today as…

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