10 Of The Most Spiritual Places On Earth

May 22, 2019
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Whether it’s a man-made or natural site, traveling to a new destination has long been a form of spiritual practice. Not only does travel refresh and renew our sense of wonder, it’s intrinsically attached to the idea of self-care and a deeper connection to the earth, other people, and the self.

Some highly regarded spiritual destinations have been constructed based on specific belief systems, and some are known as such simply based on energy and vibration.

That said, many sites are still sacred to certain communities, with thousands of years of history and significance attached to them. Yet, as with so many communities who have deeper spiritual connection do, most spiritually-significant sites welcome people of all beliefs who are respectful and committed to a deeper understanding.

These top ten spiritual destinations around the world will help you find a deeper connection to the earth, other people, and to yourself!




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