10 Most Beautiful Places in Switzerland (And Where To Stay)

December 22, 2018
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After spending quite a bit of time in the country, I have come to the opinion that Switzerland is one of the most stunning destinations in Europe. Not only is the country partially home to one of the most famous and scenic mountain ranges in the world, the Alps, it is full of turquoise lakes, waterfalls, and great outdoor activities no matter the season.

In addition to this, Switzerland is also full of some incredibly picturesque towns featuring traditional Swiss architecture and views that can’t be beat. Here are my picks for the most beautiful towns in Switzerland.


10 Most Beautiful Places in Switzerland (And Where To Stay)



Located in Northeastern Switzerland at the foot of the Alpstein Mountains, Appenzell is a rural paradise surrounded by lush rolling hills. The town is home to about 7000 people, is car-free, and is known for its traditional ways…

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